Your Time, Your Choice, Get Paid!

Changing the relationship between consumers and advertisers

Current Market Dynamics

  • Advertisers are increasing their spend in digital advertising with forecasts of $107B by 2021

  • Advertisers need a platform to cut through the clutter as click through rates remain at 1% or lower

  • With over 80% of U.S. Adults owning smartphones, mobile is as popular as ever

  • Consumers are becoming numb with over 40% saying that too many ads is their biggest frustration

  • Opt-in video advertising is the Preferred Ad Choice for Consumers according to a new nationwide survey; adoption may deter ad blocking

    • showcases that the best way for brands to provide more relevant ad experiences is with opt-in advertising - advertising that rewards a user for their time​

    • 79% of consumers said that they prefer opt-in advertising over every other ad format

    • data shows opt-in video ads had an 87% completion rate, a 13% delta over traditional video highlighting the consumer friendly nature of the ad format

How does SelMe work?

  • You provide us with your ad as well as the questions that you want to make sure the consumer can answer (your key messages)

  • We work with you to create multiple target consumer segments from the SelMe user database of hand raisers

  • You set limits on the frequency per consumer at the segment level

  • You decide compensation to the consumer at the segment level setting an overall budget and budget by segment

  • You receive real time feedback on your messaging, understanding which messages are being understood and which are not

    • Allows you to make changes to your advertisement mid-campaign rather than post-campaign​ generating a better return

  • We can update your content and quiz criteria at your discretion​

  • We provide a seamless consumer experience and can provide direct links to coupons for your product/services

  • We can provide a "Buy Now" option for direct sales

Why should you care?

  • Your target segments are the ones that watch your ad

  • Your quiz verifies that your target consumer actually paid attention to your ad while also reinforcing your key marketing messages

  • Consumers give you their attention because they are being paid to watch your ad

  • You only pay for your targets who viewed, paid attention and understood your messages