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What is SelMe?

SelMe is a platform that we are creating to revolutionize the way advertising is delivered.

Advertisers are bombarding you with messages all day long, trying to get your attention, trying to get your dollars, and definitely taking your time.  


What do you get for that?  


Maybe a couple dollars off your next purchase, but other than that, nothing.

At SelMe, we are changing all of that.  Our mission is to put you back in control of your time.  Your time is valuable, so we are creating a platform that will allow advertisers to PAY YOU to listen to their messages.  


That's right, PAY YOU, cash.

It's your time, shouldn't you be compensated for it.

How does SelMe work?

Sign up to join the SelMe community.  Provide as much info as you would like.  The more you let us know who you are and what products or services you are interested the easier it will be for us to match you with advertising that you’re interested in.  Advertisers will develop ads specific to their product or service.  We’ll put those ads onto SelMe.  If you watch an ad and take a short quiz (pay attention) you’ll get paid cash.  It’s as easy as 1-2-3.  


What do we do with the information that you provide about yourself?  We use that to help advertisers determine which ads bet fit you.  We never sell your info to advertisers.  So the more info you provide about yourself the more ads you might see on SelMe.

Did you say I have to take a short quiz?

Yes I did, but I wasn't trying to sneak that in.  Like I said earlier, companies are willing to PAY YOU to watch their advertisements, but there are two things that you have to do for them.  


First, you have to prove that it is you watching their advertisement.

This is done simply by verifying your identity with your facial ID or fingerprint during our process.


Second and more importantly, you have to actually pay attention to the advertisement.  


We will know if you did this by having you answer a couple of questions when the advertisement is over.  The questions will contain information that comes right from the advertisement and they aren't meant to trick you.  


Let's be honest, we've all clicked on ads online to get some free lives in some game and then put the phone down while the advertisement plays.  That's ok but if our advertising partners are going to PAY YOU cash, we have to do our part and show them that we are paying attention.

What does SelMe cost?

Selme is absolutely free to be part of.


Is my data safe?

The good news is that this is a brand new business.  That means that we are building a brand new database as we speak.  This allows us to use cutting edge security technologies to protect your data.  Our business hinges on our members.  We will always go to great lengths to protect you and your personal information.  Your data will never be sold for mailing lists or call lists.

Do I have to watch advertisements?

With SelMe, YOU are in control.  There is no minimum amount of time that you have to spend.  It's totally up to YOU.  You are under no obligation to watch anything.  But if you have a few minutes of spare time, why not log into SelMe and earn some cash.  You can make a few dollars a week or a few hundred dollars a week.  It's all up to you and your schedule.

When will SelMe launch?

SelMe is scheduled to launch in 2019.

Until then, we are in Beta Mode.  We are trying to spread the word about SelMe.

How can you help SelMe right now?

1.) invite your friends and family to join the SelMe community ( to join) so they can get paid cash for watching ads too


2.)  follow SelMe on Facebook 


3.) comment on our Facebook posts, share our posts with your friends so they know about SelMe.