SelMe Pro:  Company FAQ

How do you target the physicians?

You tell us the specialties that are eligible to receive your message.  We deliver the messages to the physicians in those specialties.  Since you deliver the Samples or Coupons to the physicians who successfully complete the project, you have the ability to double check all specialty information prior to delivery to maintain regulatory compliance.

What collateral do we use?

You can use whatever collateral that you think will be effective.  Marketing videos, videos of your best sales representative, what ever you think will deliver your message the best.

How do we know that the physician that we wanted is the one who watched?

SelMe uses Google Authenticator to determine who is watching the material.

How doe know that the physician paid attention?

After the material is viewed, we allow you to ask the physician questions to make sure that they understood the key messages within your materials.  

What do we have to give the physician?

You decide what you want to provide the physician.  Samples, co-pay cards, coupons.  It should be something that provides value to the doctor's practice while allowing them to help appropriate patients to get started on your therapy.

What does it cost to join SelMe Pro?

There is no charge for you to put a product on SelMe Pro.  SelMe is compensated on a success fee basis.  SelMe receives a commission for sales that are generated through our platform.

How can we get started?

Click Here to send us a note and we will get you started right away.