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Doctor with Files
Frequently Asked Questions

How does SelMe Pro Work?

Companies will load information into SelMe for you to watch if you want.  When you go into SelMe, you will see the following:


1.  The company/product that wants you to review their information.

2.  The number of questions that they'd like you to answer after reviewing the information

3.  The expected amount of time required

4.  What you are eligible to receive if you complete the assignment (samples, coupons, co-pay cards, etc.)

You decide what you want to view and then do the following:


1.  Validate your identity

2.  View the materials

3.  Answer the questions

4.  Get your reward

What does it cost to participate in SelMe Pro?

There is no cost to participate in SelMe Pro.

How many projects do I need to participate in?

You don't have to participate in any projects.  It is always your choice what you participate in and what you skip.  You can make a determination based on the interest to you, amount of time, and the value that you will get upon completion.

When do I need to complete the assignments?

You choose when you complete the assignments.  Once they are available to you, they will be available 24 hours a day seven days a week until the company decides to take them down.

What information do I need to provide about myself?

You need to provide your location, specialty and NPI number.

Will you sell my information?

We allow pharmaceutical/medical device companies to use this information to target you and make sure that promotional messages are delivered to FDA approved specialties.  We do not provide or sell your information for use outside of the SelMe application.

What if I want to stop?

Since there is no minimum, you can just choose not to accept any new assignments.  But if you'd like to remove yourself from our database, just let us know and we will remove you.

How do I get started?

Click Here to send us an email and we will get you added to our database.