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Doctor and Patient

About Us: 


SelMe Pro was started by Pharmaceutical Industry executives who were looking for a more efficient and cost effective way to get  product information and resources to Physicians and their staffs.

Value for Health Care Providers: 


Product information from your mobile device.  Watch what you want, when you want.  After you watch the information and show that you've paid attention, you can qualify to have samples, coupons, co-pay cards or other valuable items delivered to your office.  Click here to get more information or to sign up today, click here.




Value for Companies: 

Cost-effective reach to physicians you aren't reaching today.  Re-purpose currently available materials to drive your message home.  Incur cost only when a physician has listened to, understood and requested one of your value added offerings.  Payment for service is 100% success fee based.  You pay SelMe a commission on sales generated through the program.  Program is 100% risk free.



Become a Founding Member today, participate in our beta tests and be fully integrated into our full roll out.

Beta tests beginning October 2019 with full roll out anticipated for Q1, 2020.